Monday, December 10, 2012

Multimedia/Interactive Learning

Diane Luu
Kevin Kelly
ITEC 299
December 10, 2012
Multimedia/Interactive Learning
Almost every device I find on the market today can use podcasts, which means anyone can use it for learning. It’s pretty simple and there are feeds about nearly everything. I don’t think this technology really accommodates my learning preferences. I generally find it hard to take in new materials when I am only hearing it, or seeing the words transcribed even. I prefer using flashcards to help me remember, but when I listen and re-listen to audio, I get really distracted doing other things. I suppose the best way I can use this strategy is to summarize and paraphrase the text and audio.
Screencasts provide visual and usually audio video files that I use in my learning. I like using screencasts because I often miss things when I am writing notes, especially when the teacher talks to fast or changes the slides too quickly. Sometimes I am hearing and thinking different things and I can’t catch up or don’t have time to process everything. This tool allows me to rewind and learn at my own pace. I like being in control of the information I am trying to learn. It’s also good for reviewing materials and sharing with classmates. Although I haven’t yet made one, I think it would be neat to create a tutorial that other students can follow.
Multimedia is used in every classroom I have been in. It is useful because it integrates a multiple medias to create a learning environment. This technology can accommodate all forms of sensory input learning styles through its variety of medias. This then also makes understanding in terms of global and sequential variable depending on the learner. Since I prefer a combination of visual-audio input, this technology works for me best. I like looking at text and pictures when I am trying to understand new material, that way I can make sure what I see, hear and read are all consistent.

The technology that interested me most as a learning tool is multimedia. I never realized that even a textbook is a multimedia, but now that I realize how versatile this technology is, I see how effective it can be for learning. I never knew so many people and institutions used podcasts for learning. For me, podcasts would not be as effective as the other technologies we have covered in this class. I would be easily distracted. I like multimedia because it keeps me engaged. I enjoy the hands-on/interactive element the technology has the potential to incorporate and I will definitely be exploring it more in the future.
            The reason why multimedia works out so well for me is because I am not only a visual learner, but I like the concise audio to complement it, as well as sensory and intuitive learning. I like having things explained to me step by step, from specific to general. I also like the opportunities that multimedia has to make connections to everyday life (for example the boxed in textbooks that associate pop culture with the readings!). I like quizzing myself using multimedia as well. I do matching with pictures and texts. Multimedia helps me take notes and study for exams.

The learning strategies I will be using in school are: practice questions, summary, personalization, association and paraphrasing. I use practice questions to study before exams, and when I take notes I always try to make connections and shorten the material so I won’t be bored going over them in the future. In my career, I probably won’t be quizzing myself anymore since I don’t really think I need to retain any information that I don’t need to know. However, I think personalization and association is important always because that’s how we make learning relevant. Summarizing and paraphrasing is what I do when there is a lot to take in, so that I can get the main ideas.
I don’t think I will be using podcasts for neither everyday life nor learning environments. They don’t really work well for me, since I’m not the most attentive listener. However, I think I can better my skills in making screencast tutorials. Maybe I will use them when I share things with others, but sometimes making tutorials reinforce what I know. I will definitely be using multimedia in my career since I plan on being an educator. It’s great for summarizing main ideas and making connections. It would engage the students. I also think that multimedia will always be used in my future classrooms, which is neat because I think I prefer a combination of visual, audio and text to learn.

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